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Deposit Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Where a £10 deposit has been paid in respect of the issue of a UWL ID Card
, the cardholder is entitled to a refund of the deposit based on the following criteria:
Eligibility - a cardholder is eligible for a refund of the deposit paid upon the occurrence of the event set out in ai and aii ("relevant event"): always provided that the relevant procedures ("the procedures") governing refunds are followed:

ai:  The card is in working condition and not damaged in any way, and

aii: The cessation of their studies at the University.

In the event that the cardholder does not claim the refund within 3 months of the relevant event, then the deposit is forfeited.

Payment - refund will be made via bank transfer upon receipt of the card in accordance with the procedures. It is incumbent upon the cardholder to ensure that the correct bank details are supplied at the time of applying for the refund.

Refund Request - How to apply

To request for a refund, please download the REFUND REQUEST FORM, and complete the relevant parts in clear writing to avoid errors. This document is not available at any of the UWL ID Card locations.
The completed form can then be handed in or posted to the UWL ID Card office along with your UWL ID Card.

UWL ID Card Team will check if the card holder is eligible for the refund upon information given to us by the university. In the event where our checks show that the member is not eligible for the refund, Unique® will write to the member with a reply.

UWL ID Card Team will not be liable for any lost cards posted, or handed to any persons other than UWL ID Card staff, nor for any delays by any third parties such as banks and/or postal services.
Main address for UWL ID Card office: Click Here

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